Monday, October 22, 2007

NURC, Mirral Church mentioned in NY Times article

New Utrecht Reformed Church and the Mirral Church are both mentioned in a New York Times article on the increasing diversity of Bensonhurst in the last 20 years. The Times article, "The United Nations of Brooklyn," mentions that nearly half of the neighborhood's residents - 76,000 out of 158,000 - are foreign-born. Louise Fabiszak "has been a loyal member of the church nearly her entire life. She fondly remembers the Easter Sundays of her childhood, when she used to scramble to find an empty pew." The article also mentions the increasing importance of immigrants to the church and its worship service, which takes place every Sunday at 11 AM. “Our minister tells us that immigrants will be our salvation,” she said. “The writing is on the wall — Bensonhurst is changing,” Fabiszak said.

The full article: "The United Nations of Brooklyn"


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