Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Table Talk

Dear Members and Friends,

As we come to the season of Lent, let us focus on “giving to” something as well as “giving up” something. The Reformed Church in America has made a commitment to prayer and spiritual growth during the Lenten Season. The Consistory has agreed to support this effort. Our journey for Lent will take us beyond the bounds of Bensonhurst, as we answer Jesus’ call to be a living witness. Come be a part of our effort.

If we daily utilize the attached devotional booklet, Table Talk, each day we can be centered in prayer for specific areas of RCA Global Mission. As we learn more about the needs of the world, we will not be able to distance ourselves from these concerns. We are to take time each day to give to our global neighbors through praying for them, learning more about them, and putting aside an amount of money for them.

To remind you of your Lenten commitment, please remove the label from the inside back cover of Table Talk and place it on a jar. Each day, as you use the daily devotional book, remember those in need as you place funds in the jar. After Easter Sunday, empty your jar (but not your heart). You can either send a check directly to RCA Mission Services or bring/send your contribution to New Utrecht Church and we consolidate the giving to your mission of choice. It would be wonderful to see the “total” mission giving New Utrecht Church raises.

We are sending the booklet and this letter to some of our devoted “out-of-towners.”

Blessings to all as we look inside ourselves and give back what we can. Please continue to pray for the Consistory of New Utrecht Church as we are on the threshold of the first Construction Phase for our beloved Sanctuary. All things are in the Lord’s hands.

Susan Hanyen
Vice President of Consistory


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